Using Our DesignLab

Using our DesignLab to design your custom window cling is easy, intuitive and quick. There's no time-consuming back and forth process - with our design tool, you're the graphic designer. By following a few simple steps you can have your static cling decal shipped directly to your home. 

1. Once you've selected the product that you want, our website will prompt you to enter the desired dimensions of your static cling or window decal. The maximum dimension on one side is 52 inches, but the second dimension is unlimited. In other words, you can order a 52" x 102" decal but  you can't order a 53" x 53" decal. If you require a window decal exceeding 52 inches, we can accommodate your request by creating multiple panels.

2. Once you have selected your window decal dimensions, you must select either a colored background or transparent background. If you select "colored background," your decal will be printed on opaque white vinyl. White vinyl will give your decal or static cling the greatest amount of contrast. A transparent decal, on the other hand, will be printed on transparent vinyl. You can still select from dozens of background colors, but the colors will appear slightly translucent and have a stained-glass effect. At, we always print in full color, so feel free to choose as many colors as you wish - it won't affect the final price.

3. After entering your dimensions and selecting a background, press the "Customize It!" button to launch our design tool. Our simple interface makes it easy to create your design. To add text, simply click the "Add Text" button at the top of the DesignLab window. Type your text into the "Text" field to the far left of the screen, inside the gray sidebar. Inside the gray sidebar you can make other modifications to the text, changing the font, rotation, size, color and placement of your text. 

4. To add clipart from our library, select the "Add Clipart" button at the top of your screen. Type in the desired search term and the DesignLab will retrieve matches from our database. We are always adding new art, so be patient if you can't find the art you're looking for. Our clipart library is composed of vector graphics, which can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. 

5. To add your own art, select the "Upload Image" button. Our DesignLab will accept a wide variety of image files, including .jpg, .png, and .gif. Always select the highest resolution of the image you'd like printed, especially if you are producing the image at a large size. Make sure to view the image you select at the size you want in order to ensure that the print quality is sufficient. The minimum recommended print resolution is 300 dpi at the actual printed size. If your image appears blurry or pixilated in the DesignLab, the finished product will be blurry as well. We print your static cling or window decal exactly as you design it, and cannot improve the quality of an uploaded file. Our design tool allows you to drag the borders of your image to any size you'd like, but ultimately you will have to make the judgement call on the image's resolution.

6. Once you have placed your text and images and created the design you want, select the green "Add to Cart" button on the bottom right of your screen. This will take you to your shopping cart, where you can complete the checkout process or continue shopping. Congratulations, you have designed your own custom window cling!